Mixed messages about costs for powered off VMs

Mixed messages about costs for powered off VMs

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A blog post implies that powered off VMs do not incur "Server Usage" charges.  Other conversations indicate otherwise.

March 2011 blog post says, when "...an existing VM is powered off the user will only be billed for the System Storage Usage fees" and "when a new VM is deployed powered on and/or an existing VM is powered on the user will be billed for Server Usage, System Storage Usage, and Licensing Fees."   I interpret this as a powered off VM does not incur "Server Usage" charges, but a powered on VM does incur "Server Usage" charges.

In an on-line chat with a Terremark representative he said, "hen a VM is powered off, you will always incur, proc, memory, and system storage cost" and "the simple truth, is that while you have a VM deployed in the cloud whether it is powered on or off you will incur hourly costs based on the amount of resources allocated to your VM".

Which is correct?  If the blog post is incorrect, please change the wording.  


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