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  • Hi,

    I wanted to know more about vApp/ovf support for vCloud express. I know this has been discussed in past and currently it is not supported. Is the support going to happen in the near future? I am asking as we have spent a lot of time to create this ovf/vApp so i don't want to redo the work for iso just to know the vApp support is announced :)

    Is there more documentation on using cohesive FT solution and how i can use it in the vCloud express environment? Any pointers would be helpful.

    Thanks and regards,


  • Hi Mandar,

    Let me first tackle your question in regards to ovf support on vCloud Express.  As I'm sure you know product enhancements between our Enterprise Cloud product and vCloud Express are closely linked.  We are rolling out a beta release of our VM Upload functionality to the Enterprise Cloud next month which will allow customers on that platform to upload ovf's directly into their cloud account.  If this is an immediate need, I would recommend reaching out to to understand how to test that product.  If you have a bit of time, we plan to release this functionality on vCloud Express, but this is contingent upon it's success with the Enterprise Cloud.  At this time I don't have any specifics on when that may be.



  • Hi Mandar,

    In response to your question about more information on CohesiveFT there are a couple places I would recommend looking:

     1. A search of the forum for "CohesiveFT" returns several posts which may be of use

     2. The blog post by Tony Savoy contains an overview of the products offered:

     3. Contact their sales team:

     4. The CohesiveFT product page:


    Ryan McDermott

    Product Manager - Cloud Services

  • Thanks and super like for fast turnaround time on both questions..I will followup with both cohesiveft and cmarkle.

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